Charities can save 10% on deposit payment

AVD now offer an early payment deal which can see our already competitive pricing further reduced by 10% when paying a 100% deposit. In this day of reduced income and tightened budgets the charity sector is hard hit, but charities generally have a different business model to many clients when it comes to events. Charities normally get the funding in place before an event and they can take advantage of this when it comes to negotiating on costs.

We are offering our charity clients the opportunity to pay up front and save a full 10% off the invoice. If the funding in place already, the money is left sitting in the bank at very low interest rate. Now it can be put to good use saving many times more than it would other wise earn languishing in the bank between a conference confirmation and event.

This proposal helps both parties and is just one of the imaginative and flexible ways AVD can work.

If you would like to take advantage then please do not hesitate to contact us now !

Offer subject to terms and conditions.

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