New Year, New Gear

As the dust settles on 2010 and the gigs gone by, we at AVD like to look forward. Our S.I customers will be treated in 2011 to our new digital S.I system which we will be showcasing over the coming months.  With improved IR field we will be able to cater for larger spaces with crystal clear digital sound. Any analogue purists out there need not worry though, we still have our “classic” system which will be available for tighter budgets which in the last 12 months has facilitated interpretation for The Lions Club, Chivas Regal and various other high profile clients . We look forward to providing the same high level of service and expertise that AVD customers have come to expect from our dynamic and enthusiastic team of techies. We also look forward to playing with our shiny new toys, now all we need is for someone to invent the inflatable SI booth 😀

All the best for 2011 from AVDept Ltd


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