Portable PA chimes at bells protest

Staff at AV Department can from time to time borrow equipment from the company’s inventory. Normally this a PA for a party or a projector over Christmas but a recent protest in Burntisland saw the MD Mark Kisby make use of the unique qualities of an Anchor Audio MegaVox portable PA. Mark tells the story…

I live in Burntisland, a small coastal town on the shores of the Firth of Forth just north of Edinburgh. Its town clock has chimed on the hour, and quarter hour, for the last 150 years. It rings to the throbbing heart of the community and living within close earshot of the bells it marks the passage of time in our home.  Then recently they suddenly stopped?

It transpired a complaint had been made that they where too loud so the Fife council silenced the bells after one complaint in 150 years. Reaction from the townsfolk was initially incredulous but a petition was organised, to show the feeling of the residents, collecting 1100 signatures. With the coming of the New Year and the fact the town clock would not be ringing in 2011 a protest was also organised proclaiming that ‘Hogmanay had been cancelled!’ Protesters were to bring a bell and chime their wish to have the clock bells re-instated.

Feeling strongly that the bells should return I wanted to take part in the protest but found myself without a bell! Now a person of my problem solving skills should be able to over come this little matter. A quick search of the Apple app store revealed a bell application aptly named ‘bells’. This turned my ipod touch into a whole peel of different bells but an ipod is not loud enough in a crowd so I borrowed an Anchor Audio MegaVox portable PA from our hire stock. This battery powered PA is designed for out side use in large crowds… and for a hand help system it is very loud!

So the time came to show our displeasure at the silencing of the bells by ringing ours… as I chimed it sounded like the bells had been miraculously re-instated! Fellow protesters turned round to see who had managed to lug a church bell down the road… It gave the protest a bit of volume which seemed to be appreciated by the 200 strong crowd.

Our little protest made national news the following day as a topical human interest story. Here is how the BBC web site covered the story.

The MegaVox has now been returned to the warehouse ready for use at the next protest…

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