Price matching

Mark Kisby out lines AVD’s price matching policy:-

In this competitive climate we at AV Department Ltd recognise the need to keep your costs to a minimum.  Anyone can be cheaper than their competitor in providing a service, but cheaper need not mean better value.

We will be happy to price match a competitors quote on a like for like basis. To allow proper comparison we format our quotations to show every cost item, and highlight what is excluded, this is to make our quotations as transparent as possible.

If we are advised of our competitor we can then say how we differ in the equipment and services provided, outlining the key differences and the added value that we bring to an event. We concentrate on the following four areas:-

  1. Equipment quality & suitability
  2. Staff quality, qualifications and experience (Technical staff, Interpreters & Facilitators)
  3. Health and Safety
  4. Resource Management and Ecology

From time to time we have seasonal promotions, we also negotiate discounts on deposit payments or repeat business.

Of course the differences highlighted may have no bearing on your purchasing decision or we can’t match the quote, in which case we will advise you that you have a good offer, and hope that you will remember us next time.

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