Confex 2012 Update 3

14th of February 2012 (Valentines Day…)

It’s Valentines Day and we have been thinking what should we give away on our Confex 2012 stand to serenade the potential customer to visit us at G613… Potentials are:-

  1. A bottle of Malt Whisky as a draw, just enter your business card.
  2. £100 off a job when enquiring as as result of Confex.
  3. Free pair of headphones (as used in our interpretation systems) ideal for personal stereos as well as gym equipment….
  4. Nothing and just rely on the fact the visitor knows why they have attended and it should be enough that we  provide the services they require professionally with out insulting their intelligence, and integrity,  by believing that we can sway their potential purchase with a free gift…
  5. Cup Cakes (Judith’s suggestion!)

I think number 2… what do you think?

Cup Cake

Judith's suggestion...


Would a voucher work as a show incentive?

Interpretation Delegate Headphones

Headphones, a possible stand iWe got final approval for our stand design and method statement yesterday! That was a relief. The vinyl floor has arrived so we now have a floor with a trim bead that will hopefully bridge the gap between stand vinyl and walk way carpet. I just hope that the stand is laid out square and not a trapezoid! We will build the entire stand in the warehouse before we go down to London as its a long way to nip back if we forget something.

The stand visitor cards have also arrived and look great too. Chuffed.

Judith, after her Cup Cake suggestion, is now logged onto the Confex website looking over visitor profiles and inviting then to come and see us. Such is her penance. If you think I am being harsh let me know…






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