Confex 2012 Update 4

Just two more weeks to go before Confex 2012 and I am beginning to feel the pressure….

After the last comments on give-aways we have decided to go with the voucher idea and have now ordered vouchers in the same format as our visitor cards so the two can sit neatly in an envelope.

Voucher Card

Collect a £100 voucher from G613

The terms and conditions are on the reverse… if you want one you have to pick one up off the stand we would be delighted to see you and discuss how you could spend it.

We finally figured out how to get the little social media icons to show on a exhibitor profile on the Confex 2012 website… so now you can look at our twitter, Facebook, linked in profiles as well… Cheers to Derek for that one I obviously had been staring at it for too long.

It’s quite a distance from Fife down to London, I also have the AV to do for my Daughters Primary School fund raiser the night before (Yes we are doing it for free, its a quiz night and comedy if any one wants a ticket only £8), so I have decided to split the journey. Staying outside London on the 4th so on the 5th I will go in fresh and spend the day building the stand. James, our London based freelance tech, will meet me on site to do the build and Mike will fly down on the 5th to be fresh for the show kick off.

More jobs keep getting confirmed during Confex, we now have 5 events in the same week! It is a busy week for the industry as a whole so we are getting more freelance staff in to cover these events, this all adds to the cost of exhibiting. Do you think Confex 2013 could be a bit earlier in the year?

Still on the todo list… book a Van, up load some picks and tell people about the voucher on the Confex website. The graphic panels have yet to arrive so we have still to build the stand off site too, however there is a growing Confex ‘to take’ pile  in the warehouse.

My mac keeps on auto replacing ‘Confex’ with ‘convex’, too cleaver by half.

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