International Confex 2012

This is going to be our International Confex 2012 diary… The hoops to jump through and the hopes in the out comes.

8th of February 2012
As dry as a ships biscuit this may be but in making up the folder for the show I have realised that we have paid for the organisers Public Liability Insurance… but we have our own at more than twice the cover! Sent them a copy of our cover and have asked for a refund. It’s an easy trap to fall into but a total waste of money. Now that I have saved £232 what shall I spend it on?

7th of February 2012
Final stand design!

AV Department Ltd G613

AV Department Ltd G613

Also started my amateurish attempts at a social media marketing campaign. The whole Confex website and expo seems now very social media savy and I can’t help thinking that to get the most out of the show we need to join in…

6th of February 2012
Lots done on Confex today! Booked the electrics, the last day for the early bird discount. ordered two sockets in different locations… what’s the betting I get a double socket where I don’t want it… Agreed to the health and safety rules and now have to put together an on site manual which will have all our insurances, methods and risks etc… in. Registered all the bodies likely to be on the stand.

Started making our own graphics and taking pictures of equipment…

Simultaneous Interpretation Receiver Simultaneous Interpretation Receiver

Conference Microphone

Conference Microphone

Had a call asking if we would like to sponsor some of the Event Guide… They started high with a full page advert… er no… have you checked the size of our stand? We are not in that league.. settled on sponsoring the ‘Audio Visual Product Locator’ in the index… at the back… Actually I think its a good fit as the other AV suppliers might look at it and come and see us. Also proves the name of AV Department being alphabetically advantageous works again as I think we where her first call.

4th of February 2012
International Confex 2012 is now in the middle of the busiest week of the year for confirmed jobs… Derek will have to run operations while I am down in London. Derek is foiled again as he has yet to make it to a Confex or Plasa show! One day Derek, one day…

3rd of February 2012
I like the way the graphics are developing for the stand so we have decided to unify the website graphics to give a more coherent brand… made up some banners and set them to random also now put Confex on our home page. Quite pleased with the way its beginning to look.

27th January 2012
Being a space only stand we have to submit detailed plans, method statements and risk assessments Josh Taylor at has been very helpful. Here is our stand design to date.

G613 AV Dept Ltd Confex

G613 AV Dept Ltd Confex

It won’t win any awards but it should be clean and free of shell scheme. Alan Somerville at Eastern is providing the graphics for us. It will be the first time that we have really gone for a designed graphic.

Some of you may recognise a Google Sketch Up drawing when you see one… great piece of software and I am finding it quite easy to use… been borrowing some graphics of the web to mock up the images but will make up my own for the real thing as they will not print up to the scale needed.

Have also decided to make extensive use of QR codes… here is ours a bit pointless as you are on the site already but cool anyway… 🙂

4th January 2012
Accommodation booked, thank you Travelodge. 🙂

15th December 2011
The contact is signed we are taking a ‘space only stand’ at G613 9 sqm of space for £3798.00p That is a few gigs there…. I hate the ‘shell scheme’  stands they always disappoint, the electrical unit hanging on the back wall, the rattle of the aluminium poles, the scuffed panels make you feel you are in a cattle pen.

We are at Confex this year visit us at G613

We are going...

10th December 2011
We have decided to exhibit at International Confex this year… It will be about the 15th time I have visited or exhibited at Confex. From its early days at the Earls Court 2 and now we shall see a move to ExCeL. Why do we want to exhibit this year? Because we want to promote our Microphone systems and Interpretation services and this year these services look under represented so we thought we would fill the gap. Its a gamble as we are a specialist provider and the cost of exhibiting will need to be justified later with some business we can point at and say ‘If we hadn’t done Confex…’ We are hopeful we can achieve this, we have had success in the past and these are our core business for which we have some new ideas and equipment we need to promote.

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