Confex 2012 update 6

This will be the last update before we pack up and head off.

I have been trying to see if anyone would like a lift down the road as it is a long way to go with empty seats and spare load capacity so I posted the offer on the Confex 2012 Facebook and Linked In Forums as well as on but as yet no takers.

lift share

Fancy a lift to Confex 2012?

I actually do drive a Smart car but I can assure you that I will be driving a LWB Van of some description from Arnold Clark’s so you will have some leg room.

Today I rejected an offer via the Confex 2012 ‘Connect’ system from a visitor to come and sell to me…. err NO! I have paid for the privilege of selling to Visitors not the other way round. I don’t mind stand to stand selling but I object to being sold to by a visitor if you want to sell get a stand!

The printer has done all our panels for the stand and we have been spending today putting it all together, they look great but.., there is always a but, they have made them all 10cm too short! Right keep calm how can we work round this… Add a skirt at the base or make a hat at the top…? You will have to come and see how we solved this one… šŸ˜‰

Next up date will be from the stand…. come and see us if you can and we hope you enjoy the show!

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