Tour Guide Systems

We now stock ‘Listen’ Tour Guide systems. These can be used to to provide a guided tour with out the guide having to raise their voice to reach their audience. Very useful with a larger tour or in noisier environments. They are also especially suited to providing a single channel of one way interpretation for small groups.

Transmitter and head worn microphone

Our systems are packaged in a sturdy flight case in sets of 10 units. The guides / interpreters transmitter belt pack (and microphone) is presented in a separate tray as are the delegate receivers and head phones. This allows you to present the system in clean boxes out side of its road case so giving the best of impressions.

Tour Guide Case

We use the ‘Listen’ system over others available as you have the flexibility of different battery types, headset combinations for the delegates and microphone types for the guide / interpreter. The Transmitter belt pack can also take an audio signal from an iPod, or other audio device, allowing the delivery of pre recorded material. We chose to use dry cell batteries on these systems as it allowed us to make our own cases and also removed the complexity of having to recharge batteries for the user.

Delegate Receivers

Making our own cases was important to us as we found that the manufacturer supplied cases are normally nothing more than a dust cover and in our busy rental department we found such flimsy cases where getting badly damaged when transported by courier. The trays also allow you to place the receivers at your congress reception with out also displaying a road case covered in courier stickers! Available to hire from £100 + Vat  per day. Please contact us for more details and quotation.

 Click here to download our Quick Guide

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