Electric Van Arrives!

It’s Here! After nearly 1o months of waiting and numerous battles we finally have our Electric Van. Judith took delivery yesterday. By way of apology they included a bunch of flowers, it could have been a dead cat in a shoe box and we would have been just a pleased with it. 🙂

Electric Van Arrives

Interestingly the van was more to insure than the diesel equivalent, which we also have in the fleet. This is probably due to the fact that it is almost 3x the cost, a new battery alone is £9k (Insurance replacement cost) almost as much as the whole diesel van cost to buy at £10k! So to get the same milage out of the battery as the equivalent cost of diesel  it would need to power the van for more than 79,000 miles (assuming 60mpg and £1.50p per ltr)

But this is not about economy, it is about ecology and being fossil fuel independent, resilience (A mode of transport that won’t stop if the petrol tankers go on strike again or if Iran close the Strait of Hormuz...). The drive is so smooth that kids don’t get car sick. Its like double glazing your house, it will take you 25 years to re-coupe the cost in heating bill savings but the house is more comfortable, quieter, warmer and generally a nicer place to be. There are more tangible benefits than just saving money.

More to follow as we get used to the new mode of transport for crew, family and equipment.

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