Electric Van first week use…

We got our Kangoo ZE Electric Van delivered last week and so far the Van it self has been lovely to drive and and my kids love it as they don’t get car sick in it! (No fumes to trigger any nausea, I remember the smell of leather car seats used to set me off!)

We have not done any meaning full trips in it yet just commuter runs back and forth as the range anxiety is quite real and even with a full charge we have a predicted range of just 40 miles! I hasten to add this is based on our driving style and usage so far… we have done less than 100 miles and the commute involves driving up and down some steep hills but I feel confident enough that on a full charge it should get us to Edinburgh and back.

Range anxiety however is the least of my worries as the Van is not charging from our installed charge point, fitted last May, so now I need to test it on another charge point so we can say definitely if it’s the point or the car as at the moment Renault say its the point and Chargemaster say it’s the car, and neither can do anything about it till the New Year! We can charge OK from a 13amp domestic socket, so we are mobile, but this proves little in terms of diagnosing the problem as the charge point is more ‘intelligent’ and requires a ‘handshake’ to start charging and it is at this point our set up is failing. So until this issue is sorted I am less inclined to travel far. We will keep you updated but as the man for Chargemaster said “things are never simple for early adopters…”


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