Electric Vans = No TAX and No MOT?

Apparently our electric van is not only Tax exempt it is also MOT exempt!? This is because it is taxed as a electric goods vehicle. If it had been taxed as an electric passenger vehicle then it would need an MOT after 3 years like a regular car. However be assured we will take it for a test irrespective if it needs one by law.

I think this is a throw back to the impression that a commercial electric vehicle is a milk float and therefore can’t travel fast or far. I think any vehicle that can do 70+ mph  needs an MOT. Our van is not a milk float!


The other point to make is that not having a legal obligation to have an MOT does not alleviate us from the responsibility of ensuring the van is maintained in a road worthy condition.

Interestingly this status precludes it from having a cherished number plate, which is how we found out about this, as I wanted to transfer a cherished number but got rebuffed by the DVLA. So I will have to put it onto the diesel Kangoo instead as that definitely needs an MOT, as well as a wash…

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