Deletext evolves with iPad display.

We have evolved our conference messaging service ‘Deletext’. We can now display to the conference chair the submitted comments and questions via an iPad or other wirelessly connected device.



The delegates text as usual, using their own phone to a keyword and short code, but we can now display the questions to the chair via an iPad. This has the following advantages:-

  • It untethers the chair from a fixed monitor display on the stage or top table.
  • More than one iPad can access the submitted questions. (They don’t have to be supplied by us either!)
  • The full list of the questions is shown on the iPad and the chair can scroll through all the submitted questions.
  • Additional information can be added to the display in tabs so system instructions, Agenda, etc… can be quickly referenced.
  • Less equipment on site
  • Cleaner and less cluttered on stage.
  • Cheaper!
What’s not to like! 🙂 Contact us for more details.

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