Philips / Bosch Repairs

With the decision by Bosch to no longer support the older conference microphones, Digital Congress Network (DCN) systems, clients have reported being advised that there are no more parts available to repair the LBB 3546 delegate unit directly from Bosch. We at AVD are happy to advise that we have a large number of these units suitable for being ‘broken’ and recycled for spare parts.

LBB 3546

If you send us your non functioning unit we can repair and return the unit for £100 + Vat and shipping. The repair will consist of the straight swapping of the mother board or any other component requiring a repair.

In times of limited budgets and with many councils and organisations feeling the squeeze it makes sense to try and maintain these systems for another couple of years at least.

The donor units are from a large well maintained system which we recently replaced due to the uncertainty introduced by the Bosch decision. If you have a system which is missing a few units or are considering replacing your system then we can help in maintaining what you currently have as well as advising you on the disposal of your old system and any new replacement you may consider.

AVD are  an independent supplier and have equipment from Bosch, Televic, DIS and Brähler in our own rental stocks.

We have recently sold recycled system components to clients in Poland, Germany, Ireland as well as in the UK.

Please contact us to find out more.

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