Inventive solution to a problem…

Inventive solutions to your on site problems… Over the last couple of weeks AVD have been supporting the Aberdour Festival. The Festival mainly takes place in a 40m long Marquee and when it rains the water rushes down the roof and causes a sheet of water to cascade over any doorway.  On this occasion we had two marquees butted together and therefore double the water. Mark Kisby our inventive managing director fashioned a gutter and down pipe in true ‘Blue Peter’ tradition using nothing but the objects around him.

Pipe dreams

The ‘gutter’ was a spare truss section wrapped in a bin liner on two sides and the ‘down pipe’ a series of old water bottles cut and gaffed together. This drainage system worked effortlessly directing the flow of water harmlessly away for 3 days until the 2nd marquee was removed.  Mark commented “It was quite remarkable to see the volume of water running through the bottles and it worked better than the guttering on the office!”.

When we posted this picture on our Facebook page it became one of the most viewed posts we have ever created. People obviously like inventive and unusual stories.

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