Mobile phone services to be discontinued

We are sorry to announce that Mobile Phone Voting and SMS services are no longer available through AV Department Limited. Keypad alternative based services however are proving very popular.

Technologies and expectations have moved on since we introduced the service over 6 years ago. Though a product that continued to generate some interest inside a wider portfolio its popularity in recent years dwindled together with increasing operating costs so as of the 31st of January 2014 the service will no longer be available.

The main barriers to continuing the service were:-

  • The fact that the service may cost the delegate the small charge of a text message at their service providers standard tariff. Unlike keypads which are free to the delegate as the cost is paid by the congress. While this was not a problem with a single question it became an issue when 5 or more were asked…
  •  Text messaging is generally seen as a ‘free’ service and it was expected that our services would also be free.
  • The reality was when clients could see the benefits of a keypad based system with additional features they would want the keypads.
  • Not all venues had signal for all networks so elements of the audience could be left out. Unlike keypads which operate on a local radio network set up specifically for that purpose and all participants are issued a keypad ensuring 100% coverage.
  • The service, if using a short code, could exclude international roaming mobiles.
  • We could not take the service abroad. Unlike our keypads which work on internationally agreed frequencies.
  • The time taken to generate a result was not instantaneous. Unlike keypads which generate a response graphic as soon as the poll is closed.
  • Simple text messaging is now available through keypads with better graphical and data management tools.
  • For more information please contact us.

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