Multiple Breakouts in a Single Room

A growing trend that we at AVD can support is the practice of multiple breakout sessions taking place within a single space. This is achieved by using the infra red headset receivers normally reserved for multilingual events, only in this application they are employed  to broadcast the audio to the delegates of the break out they are attending. ( Think Silent Disco! )

Interpretation Receiver

Use IR headsets to separate audio for multiple breakouts in a single space.

The delegate may also easily move onto the next presenter by changing the channel they are listening to. This allows delegates to move from one presentation to the next very quickly and smoothly. Ideal for medical poster sessions and exhibition booths.

The  service can support up to 32 channels of mono audio or 16 channels of stereo content, ideal for multimedia presentations containing video with stereo soundtracks.

So if you are tight for space but need multiple breakouts? Give us a call, maybe we can help.

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