Socially Distanced Meetings

Acoustically active venues like sports halls can present problems for audio.

Personalised Audio Can Help Socially Distanced Meetings

As we return to Face to Face meetings we must maintain vigilance and keep socially distanced. Keeping socially distanced though requires more space.. meeting in bigger spaces can cause problems with your audio visual requiring innovative solutions. With bigger spaces you get bigger acoustics. Either the venue will be large and echoing (meaning you can’t hear properly) or large and dampened (meaning you have to be louder to be heard). A solution is to personalise the audio. What we me mean by personalising the audio is instead of amplifying the audio in the room, we use personal devices like IR receivers, or delegate smartphones utilising an app, to directly transmit the audio to the delegates. This gives participants the choice to set the own levels to what is comfortable to them with out needing to blast those closest to the traditional PA speaker.

We have a range of personal devices to help you depending on your meeting size, single channel, multichannel, even fully mobile solutions for outdoor tours. For hygiene participants may wish to use their own headphones as all can be used with standard corded headphones.

Our wireless microphone discussion systems can also help provide personal audio as each unit has headphone sockets for personal listening as well as a speaker for low level voice raising. Ideal for acoustically challenging venues like sports halls. This approach has many side benefits too. Non typical delegates who require hearing augmentation are automatically supported and if planning a hybrid meeting with remote attendees then this can be integrated as part of the whole event. Contact us to help you keep safe and socially distanced as you come back to face to face meetings this year.

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