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New Year, New Gear

As the dust settles on 2010 and the gigs gone by, we at AVD like to look forward. Our S.I customers will be treated in 2011 to our new digital S.I system which we will be showcasing over the coming months.¬† With improved IR field we will be able to cater for larger spaces with crystal clear digital sound. Any analogue purists out there need not worry though, we still have our “classic” system which will be available for tighter budgets which in the last 12 months has facilitated interpretation for The Lions Club, Chivas Regal and various other high profile clients . We look forward to providing the same high level of service and expertise that AVD customers have come to expect from our dynamic and enthusiastic team of techies. We also look forward to playing with our shiny new toys, now all we need is for someone to invent the inflatable SI booth ūüėÄ

All the best for 2011 from AVDept Ltd


It’s sNOw Problem to Present in Glasgow from Orkney

Snow Problem for AVD!

As the weather conditions across the country continues to wreak havoc with ¬†conference schedules, not all delegates and speakers have the option to brave the conditions. For one speaker due to present at Holyrood’s Domestic Abuse conference last week, the trip from Orkney to Glasgow was a bridge too far. A last minute flight cancellation left her stranded on the island with no way of travelling down to give her presentation.

The question was then posed to the technical team on site ‚ÄúIs there anything you can possibly do to allow our speaker in Orkney to present live, here in Glasgow?‚ÄĚ Our man on site Brian Drummond tells the story.

As lunch time arrives the event organiser breaks the news to me that the final speaker of the day has had travel problems and will need to be dropped from the programme unless we can do something to help. After a couple of minutes head scratching, a plan was hatched. Robbie the venue’s stage manager had an iphone and suggested that the jack output of the iphone could be used to send the audio to the mixing desk, allowing the presenter on the phone to be heard through the PA.

This was good but did not allow for two way communication with the speaker on the phone. To get around this problem and to allow the conference chair to speak to the presenter live while chairing the conference, I utilised our DIS discussion system to its fullest. The discussion system uses push to talk microphones which have little speakers on the base unit.

So I was able to send the audio from the auditorium floor to the speakers on the microphone base unit. I had one of the microphones at the tech position, and because of the excellent RF screening properties of the discussion system I was able to have the iPhone in proximity to the microphone and speaker without inducing the dreaded mobile phone interference.

“This meant that the sound from the auditorium was now being routed through the phone and the chair could now speak directly to the speaker in Orkney. All we had to do now was inform the speaker in Orkney that we had come up with a solution and she could now give her presentation from the comfort of her warm living room. Her presentation slides were emailed through and run when cued.

The whole presentation was a complete success and everything thing ran smoothly. It worked so well in fact that we kept the speaker on the phone for the panel discussion including questions from the audience at the end. When asked a question or taking part in the discussion we displayed a picture of the speaker on the big screen so that the audience could put a face to the voice they were hearing through the PA.

Not too bad at all for thinking on your feet and using what equipment we had to hand. If word gets out everyone will want to present from home ūüôā


Last week saw the return of the IOF conference to the Glasgow Hilton. In keeping with the new times the conference was a single day affair focussing on delivering financial growth for attendees. AVD were Main Sponsors of the event … Continue reading

Film Night at Dysart Harbour

AVD were delighted to help out at the new Dysart Film Festival  with a projector and screen that allowed the local films to be projected outside onto the cliff wall across from the pier.

New SI Kit has arrived

We are pleased to announce that we have just taken delivery of a new Bosch digital IR transmission system with 200 digital headsets for Simultaneous Interpretation. This will give hiss free and crystal clear audio so making the international delegates experience the best possible.

These systems are also usable for the support to the hard of hearing and visually impared at confrerences and events.

For a quote, a demo or just more information please contact us.