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Drive in movie

On the 7th of March we helped stage Fife’s first drive in movie! Lots of interesting stories to tell from the night but basically a huge success for all involved. The event was organised by Events students at Adam Smiths College with any profits going to CHAS.






2 films were shown, Toy Story for the family and later in the night Texas Chain Saw Massacre (2002). About 150 cars attended over two screenings, or should that be ‘truckings’? Yes the screen was the side of a truck provided by the organisers, unfortunately the promised white truck when picked it up had the hire companies logo on the side… Dooh! Thankfully we happened to have enough white material to cover part of the logo to make a reasonable screen area possible. It looks smaller in the picture due to the wide angle of the lens used… honest.

Sound was an interesting problem, normally such an event would be broadcast via FM radio, to be received by car radios, but the timings meant that there was not sufficient time to apply for a licence so a combination of IR transmission and Ch 70 radio was used. Each car was issued a receiver which was plugged into aux inputs or low power FM transmitters, designed to connect your mp3 player to your car radio.

The weather was a miracle, after gale force winds, snow and hail during the day the wind died and the sky cleared to perfect conditions through out the night!

Film goers showed their appreciation by massed tooting of horns after each performance. A memorable night which we are sure will be repeated.

Audience Response Keypads used in Celebrity Big Brother 2014

AV Department Limited are very pleased to be able to provide audience response voting keypads to Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother house this January.

The keypads allow Big Brother to ask questions of the Celebrities, and for them   to respond secretly and in real time. The gathered results are instantly displayed to Big Brother. Big Brother are using our ‘Plus’ keypads which have been built into the table for the celebrities to use.

Voting Keypad

Plus Keypads

Audience Response systems are used in many environments including training, events, schools and conferences. The systems help create an immediate connection between audience and presenter and lets your audience know that their opinion is valued.

There are 3 different voting keypads available from AV Department Ltd:-
The ‘Mini’ – small, easy to transport, wearable.
The ‘IQ’ – larger buttons, LCD display, more functions.
The ‘Plus’ – the latest keypad, LCD display and SMS messaging, extended range.

To down load our Audience Response Planning Guide click here or on the image below.

Audience Planning Guide

We can supply and support to event organisers directly or through your existing AV company. Our flexibility and integration into your team combined with competitive pricing make us the preferred choice for many other AV suppliers, event organisers, charities and government bodies.

How they are used in the Celebrity Big Brother.
As part of the task, only Jim Davidson’s votes counted.  He knows this, but the rest of the Housemates don’t.  The task will culminate in one final vote, where all keypads will be accounted for, and the Housemates must all vote to guess who has been secretly controlling the votes.  If he can keep his role a secret for the full two days, he will pass the task.  If, however, the majority other Housemates guess that he has been secretly the only voter, he will fail the task.

If you want to save time and money by seeing what an audience is thinking, or already knows, and then concentrate on the knowledge gaps identified. Instantly gauge if your argument has swayed opinion with before and after comparisons of opinion. Ranking and multiple choice questions help prioritise tasks and give direction on policy. Use keypads for conference evaluation: voting keypads are an essential tool to instantly connect with your audience.

Others may call an Audience Response System (ARS) something else including:

  • Wireless Audience Response System (WARS)
  • Interactive Audience Response System
  • Electronic Voting System
  • Voting Keypads
  • Audience Participation System
  • Response System
  • Audience Polling System
  • Interactive Keypad Voting System
  • Clicker System
  • Group Response System

What ever you want to call it we can help you make it part of your event.


AV Department Ltd become a Shure Premium System Partner

Did you know that AV Department Ltd have a system sales department and we have now been awarded Shure Premium System Partner status for our work installing and maintaining the DIS conference system within Parliamentary, Council and Corporate environments.

Shure Premium Systems Partner for System Sales





As a Shure Premium System Partner we are part of “…a network of Partners who can help identify the audio requirement and offer an appropriate solution” and to… “help ensure products are correctly specified and commissioned.”

We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Shure and hope to install many more DIS projects over the coming years.


System sales are supported by the AVD rental department so allowing maintenance swap outs, try before you buy and access to additional compatible stock should you need it.

Equipment in hire stock is rotated as often as possible, selling off the ex rental equipment at greatly reduced prices. Why not visit the AVD eBay shop for a small selection of Ex Rental equipment for sale:-  If what you need is not listed we are open to offers on any part of our rental inventory.

Assisted Hearing

AV Department Ltd have extended their  range of assisted hearing solutions to provide for the hard of hearing at conferences and events with the addition of 3 Sennheiser IR based kits containing an IR transmitter with a microphone, cables to connect to a line source, and rechargeable stetho and loop headsets.

Sennhieser IR assisted hearing system

The kits are ideal for smaller rooms and break out spaces, the kits are also available on a dry hire basis.

This product extends existing assisted hearing hire stock which already includes:-

  •  personal counter top induction loop drivers,
  • room induction loop drivers,
  • high power multichannel IR broadcast with loop and headphone receivers,
  • tour guides which can also be used for portable assisted hearing applications (even out doors).

The solutions mean AVD can provide a solution to cover a single reception desk to a large event space, including multiple systems in close proximity without interference. Contact us for more information.


Living with an Electric Vehicle

Here is an update on our experience of living with an Electric Vehicle, our lovely Red Renault Kangoo ZE Van.

We have been working with Scottish Power this week in Cumbernauld, so I have been using the Electric Van to get to and from the venue. This is how much charge I had left when I got back home from full this morning. The range metering is very accurate so little in the way of range anxiety was felt.

Kangoo range

Interesting to note the EV takes about 6 hours to charge, and my energy monitor shows a charge load of about 4kw so to charge it takes approx 24kwh @ 14p per kwh = £3.36p per charge which gives 80 miles so 4.2p per mile in electricity. This equates to 12.3p per mile on the diesel Kangoo which we also run  (£1.35 ppl  = £6.14 ppg at 50 mpg giving  12.3p). So mile for mile in energy it’s a third of the cost to run.

It was however nearly twice the cost of the diesel van and there is the lease of the battery as well to consider so total cost of owner ship will be more over the life time but as previously noted its not an economy driven purchase. Time will change this as the tech becomes cheaper and the diesel becomes more expensive and it will not take much to put them on a par.

Another factor that I noticed this week was the apparent difference in range the temperature had on the battery. Over three journeys all the same distance all starting with the same state of charge (Full) I found there to be a marked decrease in range as the temperature dipped. I am not talking into freezing either. On Monday it was 18c, a nice day and I made my trip with exactly a 1/2 charge remaining and I made it back on the same charge, (see the picture at the start of this post). The following day it was a bit cooler and I arrived a bit under and so I topped up a 1/4 charge to make sure I got back OK. This morning it was about 8c and the same journey and I arrived with about 3/8 of a charge which with out a top up would mean that I would not be able to make it home. I will monitor that over the winter to see if there is a rule of thumb, like 1 degree = 1 mile…

Finally on to Range Anxiety, I have become quite comfortable with the range and the metering showing an accurate range available on the dashboard. Where I do become anxious is when I go beyond the halfway point on the promise of a top up when I get to my destination. My anxiety is not with the car but with the charge point materialising or being available. Many who offer a charge point do not fully appreciate that we can’t just plug in to any charge point offered. The failure occurs when a key card is required to access the charge point. These are usually kept with the keys of the EV for which it was installed, however it therefore means that it is not usually not around when offered to me resulting in no access as a second card is not left with reception to give others access should it be needed.

Charge post

Charge points need a card to access them

To overcome this we now subscribe to 3 different networks.
Electrobay, Pod Point and Ecotricity in the hope that we can access the charger when we get there. Once we get to public charge points there is often a different challenge of access…

Access can be problem...

Access can be problem…

This is known as being ICE’d (Internal Combustion Engine)…

We have now done nearly 5,000 miles and owned the van for 10 months so our estimate of 6000 miles a year looks to have been accurate.

More content will be posted as we encounter it. Hope you find this of interest and we are happy to discuss our experiences. Contact Us