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Bovis Lend Lease charity event raises over £16k on Silent Auction

The annual Bovis Lend Lease ‘Guvnor’s Club’ charity event went well again this year. AVD’s involvement, now in its 3rd year, is to supply the Silent Auction service ‘txt bay’. This year the silent auction raised over £16,000! An excellent result for the charities supported.

Our silent auction service ‘txt bay’ allows guests to bid on items using their own mobile phones from the comfort of their table. This means there is no expensive keypads to manage or hire so allowing more of money raised to go to the charities rather than on equipment hire. The lot items status is updated on screens around the room to increase bid cycles and revenue.

Bovis’s repeat business is testament to it effectiveness and it has now been used by their London charity dinner. Contact us for more details.



SMS voting improves for conferences and events

AV Department Ltd’s ‘Deletext’ sms and voting service gets an upgrade that removes the need for technicians and keypads to be on site to run simple voting. Mark Kisby explains the improvements made.

SMS voting display

SMS voting can do away with keypads and technicians on site

We have been promoting the use of SMS messaging and voting in conferences and events for a number of years now but the voting element has needed an upgrade for a while to make the service truly usable as a remote offering. By this I mean with the upgrades implemented we no longer need to be on site to interpret or reformat results to display on large screen displays, this means you can now run a voting session with out having to hire keypads or have technicians on site for voting only. This makes the service viable for large events where polling the audience is not viable for keypads due to the number of participants or the low number of questions to be polled.  This makes the service ideal for competitions where an audience votes on a favourite (battle of the bands / dance competitions etc..).

No Keypads! Deletext uses the sms technology in your delegate’s mobile phone to allow them to vote by texting a simple code to a short code telephone no. This saves a huge amount of money as you don’t have to hire 100s or 1000’s of keypads. (Prices start from just  £100 + Vat)

No Technicians on site! The questions are prepared in advance of the  session and given as a URL showing the vote results live. All you need is a laptop connected to the internet to view and display the results as they come in.

It is in the display of vote results where the improvements have  been made. The displayed  pie chart can now show the pie labels in various font sizes to aid legibility on screen. Frequency can now be shown as numeric and percentage value. Percentages can now be displayed to 2 decimal places. Charts can display the original question and be personalised with a logo.

No venue restrictions! Delegates can express an opinion from any where in the UK not just in the room where a voting system is installed. Multiple sites can vote on the same issue and be centrally displayed for all to see.

No time restrictions! Delegates can vote at any time 24/7 once the poll has been made live. This also allows for pre event testing to give complete peace of mind. Roadshows can also poll questions and have the results displayed as a rolling total.

Multiple votes simultaneously! Run several votes at the same time. View results from any where in the world.

Our messaging services are used for silent auctions, top table questions, and media messaging. Contact us to see how we can help you.

This service requires enough mobile phone coverage to send a text message and internet connection to view results.

Silent Auction adds to CHAS total

AV Department Ltd provided silent auction services to CHAS’s & The Scottish Sun’s Miss Scotland Tiara Ball and Auction. The glamorous star-studded evening held at the Glasgow Hilton Hotel was hosted by Lorraine Kelly and Miss Scotland Nicola Mimnagh and raised a fantastic total of £70,000

Tiara Ball

Guests bid on displayied lots using their mobile phones

Just 8 lots in the silent auction contributed a very healthy £4,531.00 to the evening’s total.

AVD advised on the introduction of the silent auction and on how to bid together with AVD’s extensive FAQ on the service this allowed the client to produce clear instructions for the Lot catalogue.

During the dinner, guests (using their own mobile phones) texted their bids to a 5 digit short code text number ‘80010’ the text bid followed the format of the lot number ‘Lot5’ followed by the bid value and, if required, an identifying name. If a name is not provided the last 4 digits of the sending number are displayed ‘…7662’.  The received bids are then displayed via a moderated display.

All submitted bids were confirmed by a reply txt thanking the bidder for their support and giving further contact details.

The key advantages over paper based auctions are:- No need to leave your table to bid, No bits of paper to collect, Fast bidding process, Time stamped bid tracking, Bid confirmations. The advantages over keypad based auctions are:- No proprietary keypads are needed, Always the correct number of handsets available, Greatly reduced costs, Multiple cost and service options available.

CHAS hope to use the technology again in future events.

“Thank you so much for everything on Saturday you were fantastic, the whole team felt you were very professional and did a brilliant job.”

Criona Tate, Corporate and Events Fundraiser


The evening raised £70,000 for CHAS



CHAS choose Deletext for silent auction!

Children's Hospice Association Scotland

Children's Hospice Association Scotland

The hot ticket for 2011 is the Scottish Sun’s Miss Scotland Tiara Ball on Saturday 14 May 2011. This glamorous star-studded evening at the Glasgow Hilton Hotel will be hosted by Lorraine Kelly and Miss Scotland Nicola Mimnagh.

Nicola has set Scottish Sun readers the challenge to raise a staggering £100,000 for CHAS with the ball and fundraising events.

To get your ticket for the Tiara Ball, priced £1,000 for a table of ten, contact CHAS on 0141 779 6180

Miss Scotland Tiara Appeal

Miss Scotland Tiara Appeal

As well as the Silent auction the ticket price includes:

* Celebrity guests
* Champagne reception
* Three course meal
* Entertainment
* Music from a headline act to be announced
* A host of fundraising activities
* Dancing until late

The money raised will fund a new space for teenagers and young adults to enjoy at Rachel House where the space originally designed for teenagers no longer meets the needs of young adults staying at the hospice. Nicola has chosen to support CHAS as her two cousins use Robin House and she has seen first hand the difference CHAS makes to the lives of children, young adults and their families who use our services.

The Deletext silent auction service ‘txtbay’ allows guests to bid on lots via their own mobile phones from the comfort of their table amongst friends. Displays show the guests their bid status and the process increases the number of bid cycles a lot goes through before being sold so rasing more money for CHAS. For more information on Deletext call 01383 825709 or click here

Add value to your event with Audience Response

Audience response systems can add a great deal of value to your conferences and events. Mark Kisby explains how…

During the recent ‘Credit Crunch’ organisations were under pressure to cut their conferences and events budgets. What they saved by reducing the size of the stage or by going to a cheaper venue shouldn’t have effected the basic content of the day or the goals for staging the event in the first place. Audience response systems (ARS) were often cut early in the budget review but this can be a mistake as an audience response system will add tremendous value by giving tangible results and feed back from delegates attending.

An ARS can show whether or not the key the aims of staging an event have been met or not, it can reveal any sticking points. This allows your event to measure its effectiveness during the day and give evidence of its success to all the stakeholders.

Audience Response Voting Keypad

Audience Response Voting Keypad

Audience response can also maximise the available time at an event by asking delegates which themes are of most interest, so allowing you to apportion time appropriately. It costs a lot to get every one in one place so it makes sense to ensure their time together is as productive as possible.

Using these systems also sends a clear message to the attendees, that ‘we are listening and your opinion is valued’.  Presenters in the dreaded post lunch grave yard slot will appreciate the regenerative powers of asking a flagging delegate a question on which they need to ponder before responding.  ARS has been proven to increase retention on the subject polled and certainly your chair person will marvel at the ARS’s capability to break the ice during Q&A sessions and promote delegate interaction as they begin to discuss options with their neighbour, so leading to improved networking.

Asking post event evaluation questions at the end of the last session will save your staff days of data input from a paper based questionnaire.

So how do they work? In its basic form an audience response system comprises of a display to present the question and a range possible options / answers, and a ‘keypad’ to allow the delegate to select the option / answer which best matches their opinion.

The results of the poll are displayed immediately after the close of the 10 second voting slot. The equipment is usually radio based and wireless so allowing free distribution amongst an audience.

Some systems also offer the ability to communicate directly with the presenter through the ’free text submission’ of questions so allowing the delegate to ask their own question, or submit an idea, rather than just responding to predetermined options.

All in all if the budget is being trimmed it pays not to cut the one item that can prove the days effectiveness and show value has been obtained for the spend. If you are still looking for ways to save, go for the cheaper dessert option, cut the sparkling water and have a smaller lighting rig!

AVD can supply a range of Audience Response Systems including:-
Voting Keypads

Mini Voting Keypads
Deletext – SMS
Deletext – Engage