Conference Microphones

Conference Microphones

Conference microphones (also known as ‘push to talks’, ‘delegate microphones’ or ‘discussion microphones’) allow all participants to speak at the push of a button. As used in council chambers, boardrooms and conferences. AVD offer wireless and wired systems. See below for what is available now. Are you an AV supplier? Please ask about ‘dry hire’ on these systems.

Covid-19 update. To facilitate socially distanced meetings we can offer longer cable lengths between mic bases on wired systems. All systems can integrate with video conferencing platforms for remote meetings.

Shure MXCW (Wireless)

This is a premium wireless conference microphone system capable of working in the most hostile of RF environments thanks to its advanced RF spectrum management. It is easy to set up with analogue and Dante audio connectivity.£30Manual

Taiden Multimedia (Wired)

Taiden Multimedia Microphones combine an excellent sounding conferencing microphone with a 10″ 720p Monitor. The monitor’s signal is supplied via an SDI signal which is daisy chained through the system. Ideal for local content review and remote meetings.£30

Shure DIS 5900 (Wired)

Wired Shure DDS 5900 Conference Microphones. Push to talk, integrated loudspeaker, interpretation channel selector, headphone socket and volume control. The detachable microphone stem has red ring led and pop shield. Chairman’s microphone has override facility.
Any unit can be configured to be a Delegate unit a Chair’s unit or an Interpreters console. Cabled using Van Damme Tourcat Cat5 STP cables with RJ45 connectors. Price includes central control unit.

DIS 6000 (Wired)

Wired DIS 6990 Conference Microphones. Touch screen access to personal audio settings and voting functions. Chip card reader, Push to talk, integrated loudspeaker, interpretation channel selectors, headphone sockets and volume control. The detachable microphone stem has red ring led and pop shield. Chair’s microphone has ability to select live microphones individually and switch them off rather than a blanket override button.£15Manual

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