Deletext : SMS

Deletext – SMS allows any delegate to send messages or put a question to the congress, the service is facilitated via dedicated keypads that include SMS capabilities as well as voting functions.

The messages can be moderated and displayed via the main screen, personal monitors or via a chair person’s iPad.

Keypad to screen



The iPad option allows personal viewing of all submitted questions and allows freedom of movement for the chair giving a very informal and easy feel to Q&A sessions.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 14.57.36
The keypads employ an old school sms type format limited to 140 characters. This helps keep the questions short, to the point and prevents rambling essays hogging valuable screen real estate and time.

If used just for messaging keypads can be shared 1 per table so providing a very cost effective method of audience engagement.

Down load our Quick Guide on Deletext SMS

Quick Guide Deletext