iPad : Engage

‘Engage’ on iPads is an audience response and audience engagement service. Engage  allows delegates to submit questions, respond to polls with full text responses as well as access conference information  (Agenda, speaker lists, delegate lists etc…) This helps doing away with a poliferation of paper and helping you to reach your greener working targets.

Branded Engage iPad

Branded Engage iPad

In facilitated sessions this can be used to replace workshops by turning individual tables in to mini workshops that can develop individual ideas with out repetition and keeping a full record of submissions. These can then be viewed, commented on and developed. The service can be fully moderated or automatic. A fantastic tool for policy development for government and myth busting at staff events.

ipad engage 2

Delegate full text communication

Bring Your Own Device compatible, no apps to download and works on a dedicated local area wi-fi network. Engage does away with the need to down load additional software allowing delegates to access the system using their own Apple OS devices including iPhones.

Stimulate debate and drive learning through engagement

Stimulate debate and drive learning through engagement

The service is hosted via a local wi-fi area network installed as part of the system to ensure a free to access service.

Download our Quick Guide for Engage on iPad

Quick Guide Engage

Contact us for more details on the Engage on iPad service.

  • BYOD compatible
  • Increases productivity
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Trackable process
  • No registration required
  • Anonymous or voluntary identified submissions
  • Helps reduce paper waste

Many thanks to Aker Solutions for allowing us to use images from their recent event.