Voting Keypads : Mini

For an audience size of 10 – 500 using Reply mini plus voting keypads.

Reply Mini + voting keypad

Reply Mini + voting keypad

Reply mini plus audience response voting keypads are small, neat and available for ‘dry hire’ (equipment hire only with out the cost of a technician) as well as for fully supported events.

Voting Keypad on lanyard

Light and ‘wearable’…

The key features of the Reply +plus voting keypad are its Key fob size, Easy to transport, Easy to use, International usage on 2.4 Ghz, Wearable on a lanyard (with a delegate badge), Simple software for dry hire applications and show standard software for supported events

Contact us for more details on Reply mini plus voting keypads.

If thinking of dry hiring and adding interaction to your presentation it has never been cheaper and easier! Download the full ‘SNAP’ polling software in demo mode from, prepare your presentation in PowerPoint. We then send you the keypads and software dongle. You run your interactive event from a single PC using PowerPoint, get your results and return the keypads and dongle back to us. Simple yet effective!

System sales available with rental support.

Watch & listen to a Chairman and Delegates talk about why they appreciate using voting keypads as part of their meetings and conferences.