Voting Keypads : Plus

For an audience size of 100 – 1000+ .. using the Plus audience response voting keypads. The Reply Plus keypads allows for both audience response, via voting buttons, and audience engagement through SMS style messaging.


The keypads are robust and easy to use. The software to run the sessions is flexible and outputs show grade graphics for events with high production values. Reply Plus audience response keypads are fully supported on site by experienced technicians who will guide you through the day ensuring a smooth event. Late adjustments to question lists are possible on site. Our pricing policy ensures your quote is the same as your invoice and includes all programming, staff, equipment and transport.

The Reply Plus software runs on a seperate computer to your presentation computer. A seamless switcher is required (Also available from AVD) to flip flop between the screens. We will ensure that this switch is seamless by matching the graphics so making the process un-noticable.

The messaging content can me handled in a variety of ways from text to screen to text to dedicated chairman’s iPad so they can review and ask questions as they are submitted. See Deletext : SMS for more options

Contact us for more details on the Reply Plus keypad audience response system.

  • Voting and SMS
  • Larger robust keypad
  • Easy to use
  • Show standard software for supported events
  • Fully inclusive quotations
  • Fully supported on site
  • Can be used in the same system as the Reply Mini