Wired Conference Microphones

We use the DIS 6000 series conference microphone system. Ideal board room, open square and class room layouts where cable management is not an issue.

Boardroom discussion microphones

Discussion microphones set for a boardroom style conference

Download our Conference Microphone Quick Guide to see how easy it is to set up and operate DIS microphones.

Giving each delegate access to a microphone  facilitates a full and active discussion will all participants.

Put 10, 20, 30 a 100 microphones onto 1 connection to your sound desk. Great for large top tables at shareholder meetings and keep the sound desk small.

Because each of our conference microphones has a built-in speaker you also have a distributed PA system giving a wash of sound in the room that can be used in isolation or to augment an additional room PA system. The system can accept a feed from the sound desk to ensure its not just the conference microphone audio that is reproduced.

No batteries to worry about or any charging and interference issues and 100% secure.

Control of the system is achieved in two ways:
Chairman Microphone Control, which allows microphone queueing and switching. Software Control, allows all of the above plus extended audio controls and  the added bonus of being able to create and use geographic lay outs to switch microphones on and off remotely.

Very simple to set up and operate the system is very popular as a dry hire (with out a technician) to clients as well as to other AV companies.

When you hire a system it comes complete with the required microphones but also the Central Unit and all interconnecting cables. Ideal for connection to video conferencing (VC) and telephone conferencing systems, the special mix minus feature prevents the input from the VC going back through the systems output (which connects back to the VC). This feature still allows all audio to be present on the speakers but prevents any feedback loop and echo occurring.

The system can be expanded to include Simultaneous Interpretation and CCTV.

Pricing is based per microphone and no other charges are made for ancillary equipment needed to make the basic system work.

Shipping is charged to deliver the system and typically the hirer ships it back using their preferred courier.

Contact us for a quote its cheaper than you think!

Download our Conference Microphone Quick Guide to see how easy it is to set up and operate DIS microphones.

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