Wireless Conference Microphones

Confidea wireless microphones

Confidea wireless microphones

All the features and functions of your standard conference microphones but with out the wires! We have now upgraded all our wireless microphones to the new 3rd generation microphones.


We use the Televic Confidea wireless conference microphones. Ideal for any table layout but especially so for cabaret table arrangements where cable management was previously a time-consuming headache.  Now you can distribute the microphones and switch on the ‘Access Point’ (Transmitter / Receiver that connects the system and outputs audio to an external PA) and you are ready in a matter of minutes so turn arounds can be achieved very quickly so potentially saving on staff costs and room hires.

Download our Confidea quick guide, now updated for G3, to see how easy it is to set up and operate Confidea.

Placing a microphone on each table allows your audience to respond quickly to questions without waiting for the standard hand-held radio microphone to be passed around…. with the associated pause in proceedings. This will also relieve your staff of having to facilitate the movement of microphones from table to table. Again saving on staff time and also maximizing on the amount of Q&A time available.

Because each unit has a built-in speaker you also have a distributed PA system giving a wash of sound in the room that can be used in isolation or to augment an additional room PA system. The system can accept a feed from the sound desk to ensure its not just the discussion microphone audio that is reproduced.

Lithium Ion battery packs give extended operation up to 24 hours with remote monitoring as well as battery indicators on the battery itself. Batteries can be swapped out and charged in the charger racks that come with every system.

Interference free our microphones operate at 5 GHz rather than the now over crowded 2.4 GHz range.

Ideal for connection to video conferencing (VC) and telephone conferencing systems, the special mix minus feature prevents the input from the VC going back through the systems output (which connects back to the VC). This feature still allows all audio to be present on the speakers but prevents any feedback loop and echo occurring.

Very simple to set up and operate the system is very popular as a dry hire (with out a technician) to clients as well as to other AV companies.

When you hire a system it comes complete with the required microphones but also the Access Point, battery chargers and a net book (to connect to and set the Access Point).

Pricing is based per microphone and no other charges are made for ancillary equipment needed to make the system work.

Shipping is charged to deliver the system and typically the hirer ships it back using their preferred courier.

Contact us for a quote its cheaper than you think!

Down load our Quick Guide here
Down load the System Manual here

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