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Electric Van Arrives!

It’s Here! After nearly 1o months of waiting and numerous battles we finally have our Electric Van. Judith took delivery yesterday. By way of apology they included a bunch of flowers, it could have been a dead cat in a shoe box and we would have been just a pleased with it. 🙂

Electric Van Arrives

Interestingly the van was more to insure than the diesel equivalent, which we also have in the fleet. This is probably due to the fact that it is almost 3x the cost, a new battery alone is £9k (Insurance replacement cost) almost as much as the whole diesel van cost to buy at £10k! So to get the same milage out of the battery as the equivalent cost of diesel  it would need to power the van for more than 79,000 miles (assuming 60mpg and £1.50p per ltr)

But this is not about economy, it is about ecology and being fossil fuel independent, resilience (A mode of transport that won’t stop if the petrol tankers go on strike again or if Iran close the Strait of Hormuz...). The drive is so smooth that kids don’t get car sick. Its like double glazing your house, it will take you 25 years to re-coupe the cost in heating bill savings but the house is more comfortable, quieter, warmer and generally a nicer place to be. There are more tangible benefits than just saving money.

More to follow as we get used to the new mode of transport for crew, family and equipment.

Electric Van to get Good Energy

Good Energy

The Electric Van is due to arrive by the end of this month and our EV journey will enter a new phase. To prepare for this we have changed our energy supplier to Good Energy (click on the logo above to go to their website).

The thinking behind the move is there is no point in running an EV as a green policy if the electricity that charges it comes from a fossil fuelled power station. So this week we have signed up with Good Energy as our energy supplier as they guarantee all their energy is from renewables… We will be making the change at my home too as this is where the majority of its over night charging will be done. All this and not an open toed sandal in sight…

Electric Van update

Just a quick update on the Electric Van front… Its not arrived yet but is still scheduled for June.

We have had the quotes for the charging infrastructure at home. It was the expected £900 and goes in on the 25th of May so the outward indication of EV ownership will get stuck to the wall. This will be a standard charge socket. There are 3 charge socket types, Standard, Fast and Rapid. Rapid is the much heralded 30min charge time, which was part of the decision to go for EV at this time.., however we now find it is not available yet and not for our Van….! Despite it being in the brochure! Only the Fast charger is available which is 4 hours… hmmm not really a fast turn around for a commercial vehicle but not impossible it just needs to be managed… Still looking forward to getting it.

I wold like to comment on the overwhelming support this move has had from clients and venues alike. Everyone is interested and is keen to find out how we get on. ‘Brave move’ is the comment often made, but we don’t think its brave as for us its a love of the technology and it just seemed the right thing to do.  With out early adopters the technology will not develop to a more widely usable method of transport. I remember badgering my local video shop when they where going to stock DVD’s and they hadn’t even heard of DVD’s at the time!!! Block Buster where are they now… to stay ahead you need to adopt the new tech and early…