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The year that was…

It is now March 2021, as the Covid-19 vaccine rolls out, and we emerge from our forced isolation. AVD optimistically looks forward to a limited return to face – face meetings, with ‘Hybrid’ meetings likely to become the new normal. It has been quite a year and we thought it would be worth a look back over some of the highlights…

December 2020. We helped provide Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) training from our RSI Studio. 🙂 Ecosse Connection Ltd, ran the session. Feedback from the trainees was very positive with further sessions planned.

November 2020. Our 3rd studio came online and we want to let other tech companies know that our 3 studios are available for you to use as just space with an internet connection, like a venue, if your facilities are getting cramped. Get in contact if you want to know more.

Throughout 2020 we have been supporting organisations with our BSL streaming service. The Scottish Parliament, The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and the Festival of Politics 2020 all made use of the service.

During 2020 we all became masters of Zoom. AVD provide remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) to Zoom meetings. A studio, or hub, facility provides the best sound and trouble free. A technician looks after every technical aspect so the interpreters can concentrate on your awesome content. We can also play out your presentations, so you don’t have a tech nightmare, leaving you to concentrate on your specialist subject.

October we supported the Church of Scotland’s virtual General Assembly. We have been involved with the GA since 1999 and to see a week long assembly, steeped in tradition and history, pivot in to a two day online event was amazing and expertly managed by John Williams at Oscus Media.

The pre recorded presentation became popular and we provided interpretation to the video content of a high profile online Conference.

September 2020. Our Taiden multimedia microphones and Microsoft Team’s worked together a treat for South Lanarkshire Council’s hybrid and socially distanced meeting.

August 2020. We received praise as we supported webinars with French RSI interpretation from our studio with positive feedback from both the client and interpreters. “..it was all perfect.”

May 2020 We signed up for a leased line to our building giving us a super fast upload speed for our studios.

April 2020. Feeling helpless at the start of lock down we realised we had useful kit so we donated 25 of our iPads to care homes so relatives could communicate with loved ones while in lockdown. We hope it helped.

March 2020. As lock down bit we were first asked to assist the Scottish Parliament in providing a BSL feed of First Ministers Question Time with less than 24 hours notice.

February 2020 (Pre Covid-19). At the start of the year we remote presented about remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) to the Shure Conference Network in Amsterdam from our first RSI studio. We predicted, to a sceptical audience, that RSI would be the dominant format in 3 – 5 years…. then Covid-19 happened and that time line was compressed in to a month.

So much has changed in the last 12 months and we are still here and ready to help you with your future meeting be it online or in venue (or both).